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What Constitutes an Investment?

Throughout our lives, we will invest in many things. We will invest in our family. We will invest in our friends and neighbors. We will invest in a set of values, in political candidates, and in our favorite baseball team. All of these investments serve to heighten the enjoyment of our lives, while keeping us […]


Timeshare Customer Complaints Continued to Rise in 2012

According to a recent article on Forbes.com, timeshare complaints continued to increase in 2012 from both potential buyers and current owners. The nature of these complaints are similar to those found in past years, but unfortunately, they continue to grow in regularity. As far as owners are concerned, there are two primary complaints, and we […]


Relieve Yourself of Timeshare Stress

Are you a timeshare owner who feels overwhelmed by the rising fees levied by your resort? Are you looking for relief from your timeshare burden? Regardless of why you are feeling dissatisfied, removing your family from a timeshare obligation can be a difficult task. At first glance, it seems as though there are several viable […]