Do I Need a Timeshare lawyer?

As author of the “Consumer’s Guide to Timeshare Exit” and President of Newton Group, many timeshare owners ask me: Do I really need a timeshare lawyer to exit my timeshare? The short answer is, yes. The timeshare exit industry has changed, and a timeshare lawyer provides owners needed legal service and protection throughout the timeshare exit process.

In the past several years, there have been two major shifts affecting how timeshare exits are achieved. First, there is the flooded timeshare resale market– you can find thousands of timeshares listed online for $1.00 or less. Second, timeshare transfer options are no longer plentiful. These two industry changes have meant that most timeshare owners are left with the options of settlement and/or cancellation to exit their timeshare. And when it comes to negotiating a timeshare settlement and/or cancellation, it is essential you have a timeshare attorney providing you personal legal representation.

An experienced timeshare attorney will review your contractual obligations (we all know timeshare contracts are infamously long & complicated) to present options and exit strategies. A good timeshare attorney will also research possible legal, as well as financial and/or medical hardship claims.


Bottom line: Do not pay a NON-lawyer to represent you in a legal matter involving contract negotiations.

How Do I Find a Timeshare Lawyer?

Finding a timeshare lawyer who has actual experience with timeshare contracts and agreements can be difficult. Since timeshare law is not recognized as an area of specialty, “Timeshare lawyers” technically don’t exist.

Next, there is the cost to consider. Privet attorneys typically require hefty, upfront retainers and have constantly increasing billable hours. So hiring a lawyer is unaffordable for most timeshare owners who are often already facing a financial crisis.

Finally, you need an attorney with whom you have a letter of engagement; one who works directly for you and has a fiduciary and ethical duty to act in your best interest. There are some timeshare exit companies that position themselves as “advocacy” groups or “consumer protection” groups and have “attorneys on staff”. If an exit company has “attorneys on staff”, it has legal counsel–not you!

Newton Group’s Unique Ability to Help End Your Timeshare Ownership

In 2018, after 13 years of helping thousands of timeshare owners, my Newton Group partners and I co-founded a law firm to focus on timeshare exit legal issues. I can tell you, we would not have gone through all the hassle, red tape, and expense if we weren’t completely convinced timeshare owners need personal legal representation.

Newton Group’s dual timeshare exit services are the most comprehensive and powerful in the industry. Our timeshare exit experts work in tandem with the attorneys at our partner law firm to present you with every available exit option. Your personal attorney will review any exit options presented to you by Newton Group, provide legal advice, and review your file for possible claims.

Now you might be thinking the price of our exit services skyrocketed when we opened our partner law firm. But you’d be mistaken. By owning the law firm, we are able to keep costs the same or less than other exit companies. Not to mention, we offer affordable monthly payment plans.

Who you choose to help end your timeshare matters most! Get on the path to timeshare freedom with the best service and protection available. Call Newton Group at 877-354-4321 for a free, no-obligation quote.