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Newton Group Exposes Diamond Resorts PR Smear Campaign

Testimony of Former Newton Group Client Confirms Diamond Resorts Defrauded Her And She Exited Her Timeshare Only After Hiring Newton Group and DC Capital Law Testimony by Diane Reeve, a former Newton Group client who was paid approximately $25,000 by Diamond Resorts to cooperate with them in a pending federal lawsuit against Newton Group and […]


Retired Couple Asked Diamond To End Timeshare Ownership, But Instead Diamond Manipulated Them Into Buying $56,000 In Timeshare Points Under False Pretenses

The Diamond Resorts timeshare owners featured in this article asked that their names be changed for fear of reprisal. Anne Smith says she is haunted by the memory of the nearly five hour high-pressure Diamond Resorts sales presentation she and her husband, an 81-year old retired teacher, suffered through as a result from trying to […]