Finding A Reliable and Reputable Timeshare Exit Company

Timeshare Exit Written Agreements

No matter who you choose to help end your timeshare ownership, you should be sure to have everything promised to you in writing, including everything you can expect the timeshare exit company to do on your behalf. Make sure you are paying for a service that is intended to free you from your timeshare obligation—and not just a listing fee or negotiation fee.

Timeshare exits can vary greatly in length, so it’s absolutely vital you work with a company that is invested in you. Any contract you sign with an exit company should explicitly state the exact service and terms of agreement for a single all-encompassing fee. This means you’ll never have to pay another dime to the exit company if the exit is successful, and your ownership is terminated.

Should I Pay Upfront For My Timeshare Exit?

The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) and resort developers for years have been warning against paying upfront fees to end your timeshare ownership for years. However, you should know that a timeshare exit is not an immediate transaction. The duration of the process varies because there are multiple parties involved with unique requirements at each stage in the process.

Despite what timeshare sales representatives may tell you, a timeshare typically has little-to-no resale value. Exit companies cannot earn commissions on a transaction involving something that is not a financial asset and holds no value. An upfront fee protects the exit company performing a successful exit from a client who decides not to pay when the work is done.

But it’s important to know the value of the services you are paying for and that the services are backed by a written agreement from a company with a solid reputation. At Newton Group, our comprehensive process includes personal legal representation for a single flat fee. The Newton Group partners, together with experienced attorneys, co-founded a law firm to focus on timeshare exit legal issues.

At Newton Group we focus on consumer protection

If you were to hire a lawyer on your own, it’s rare to find one who has actual experience with timeshare contract agreements, since it’s not a recognized area of specialty. Also, private attorneys usually require large, upfront retainers to charge for each billable hour. This makes hiring a lawyer unaffordable for most timeshare owners who are often already facing financial constraints. Newton Group’s unique setup and process offers accessible, Affordable Legal Representation to Timeshare Owners.