The Story of Our Law FirmWhy Newton Group Partners Co-Founded DC Capital Law

 Necessity Breeds Innovation

When Newton Group first started to provide timeshare exit services in 2005 the exit industry was far different than it is today. Fifteen years ago, there were only a handful of companies offering exit services, which at the time, mainly entailed transfers of ownership. But over the years, the resale market has become flooded, and while the demand for third-party assistance has grown, finding a trusted exit company is problematic—untrustworthy exit companies emerge and fail regularly.

Committed to offering our clients the best protection and services, the partners at Newton Group realized that with these industry changes our clients needed the additional safety of individual legal representation to legally exit their timeshare contracts. But since timeshare exit is not recognized as an area of specialty—such as tax law or medical law—it’s often difficult to find experienced timeshare exit attorneys.

This is when the Newton Group partners, together with experienced attorneys, co-founded a law firm to focus on timeshare exit legal issues. DC Capital Law was born in 2017 along with our innovative dual service approach. Newton Group provides clients, not only with expert exit services by the most qualified leaders in the industry, but can also retain individual legal representation directly from a personal attorney—both of which are included in one service agreement for a single, flat fee. The best part being, even though there is one flat fee, each client has their own separate and independent legal engagement with DC Capital Law. This means the attorneys at DC Capital Law work directly for our clients and have a fiduciary and ethical duty to act in the best interest of our clients.

Including individual legal services distinguishes us from others in the exit space. Many exit companies confuse or misrepresent the options available to consumers as they pursue a timeshare exit. With our dual service approach, we leverage all available exit options. The attorneys at DC Capital Law work directly with our clients to advise them of their legal rights, and they strive to provide sound and ethical legal counsel throughout the timeshare exit process.

Embracing change is nothing new to the Newton Group—we have been continually innovating in the timeshare exit space since our inception. In addition to the dual service approach, we wrote the industry’s first and only Consumer’s Guide to Timeshare Exit when we saw a need to educate and protect consumers as they navigate the timeshare exit process. We are the nation’s longest-standing timeshare exit company with the philosophy, integrity and commitment to do what’s right. With our client-centric, superior model, we are dedicated to ensuring our clients are educated, empowered and protected.

At Newton Group our clients rest easy knowing they hired the right exit company and that we are working on their behalf. If you are living with the burden of an unwanted timeshare, contact The #1 Trusted Name in Timeshare Exit today at [insert_php]echo $_COOKIE[‘ngtCookieWebPhoneNumber’];[/insert_php], or enter your information above to receive a FREE personalized timeshare exit plan. We look forward to helping you.

DC Capital Law is located at 700 12th St NW Suite 700, Washington, DC 20005, (800) 207-6939. The firm’s attorneys and each attorney’s bar memberships and biographies are available at

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