We are very proud to share some of the many testimonials that we have received from our Employees who have been there for you!

Kelly Culleny & Tiffany O’Connor – Customer Service

“I have worked for the Newton Group for 5 years now. I can honestly say that I have never experienced such a positive work environment. Gordon [President] and Theo [CEO] have always treated me with the upmost respect. I have never worked for a company that cared about their employees as they do. In fact we get the same respect from each and every one of our managers as well. This type of respect makes us want to do everything we can to make the Newton Group succeed on each and every project we are involved in. When they talk about the core values of the company they are not just giving lip service to an idea. They live it.”
Jackie H., ESA (Minnesota) – 5 years with Newton Group

I have had the pleasure of working for The Newton Group for almost 3 years and it has been a very extremely rewarding experience! Because owners Gordon Newton and Theo Panopoulos are the most understanding, passionate, hard working, caring, fair company leaders that I have ever come across. The company is built on trust, integrity and fairness to all, so teamwork comes natural to everyone that works here. The Newton Group really makes the phrase “work from your own home” more than credible. It is by far the best company I have ever worked for!”
Holly O., Manager (Wisconsin) Twelve Years with Newton Group

“You expect an employer to pay you on time and accurately and this they do. They even make it easy to verify your own pay. In the three plus years I have worked for Newton Group, both the agents and customers have at all times been treated with the respect and consideration of family. What else matters?”
Neketa M., ESA (West Virginia) Twelve Years with Newton Group

The Newton Group is a company that strives on ‘Uncovering New Life.’ It is so refreshing to work for a company who cares about my strengths and utilizes me according to those strengths. Doing this not only allows me to do my job better…it allows me to do a job that I love. I have worked for The Newton Group for two years, and each day I have pure excitement in growing this business. Thank you to The Newton Group for appreciating me, for challenging me and for the opportunity to uncover my new life!”
Gina P., Manager (Wisconsin) Seven Years with Newton Group

“Working for Newton Group the last 1.5 years has defined the meaning of a dedicated and loyal company and ‘Uncovering New Life.’ Management is dedicated to providing the ‘best of the best’ to their clients. Newton Group embodies honesty, hard work, and commitment to not only their clients, but also their staff and home-based agents. It is unusual in any industry to work with people that treat you with the dignity and respect that Newton Group accomplishes. The great thing is that it comes from the top down and like anything, it is infectious. I look forward to my days work!”
Deb C., ESA (Arizona) Five Years with Newton Group

“I came to the Newton Group after leaving a career for over a decade in the mortgage industry. A career I came to enjoy and value. When the mortgage crisis arose, I retired and needed to supplement my income. I was apprehensive about going back to the basics and becoming a telephone agent. I realized after the first month with the Newton Group that this was an honorable company, dedicated to helping people and also a company who truly appreciates their agents. We are continually reminded of that in a bi-weekly conference call with Theo [CEO] and Gordon [President]. They have never failed to say thank you, you are appreciated, and we would not be successful without all of you. Their hiring practices are second to none, and I am proud of the people I am working with. Although we all work remotely from our home offices, we do communicate with each other frequently. I find it amazing that an entire group of people can have so much in common, and I believe that is the direct result of the company maintaining their core values, as they walk the walk so to speak, and don’t just talk the talk. They are continually moving forward into new areas and always keep us informed. I am delighted and grateful to have found this company. I look forward to the continued mutual success of the Newton Group and its agents.”
Joanne F., ESA (Illinois) Ten Years with Newton Group

“I have never been so happy and content as I am with the Newton Group. All the managers are so friendly and helpful. They are always there for you. Any time I have a question or concern, it is addressed right away. We are more like a family. Who would have thought you could be friends with your co-workers working from home, but that is definitely the case. We support each other and cheer each other for the work that we do. Everyone at the Newton Group is always willing to give a helping hand. I am so grateful to be a part of this awesome company. Thank you to the Newton Group for making this the best job!”
Elaine R., ESA (Georgia) Ten Years with Newton Group

“I’ve been working with The Newton Group for nine months, as an Elite Sales Associate. I am very proud to be working with such a goal-oriented company, with a team of ethical people. Our superior management team has an excellent way to motivate and support our goal driven team. I have worked with other corporate companies in the past and have never seen such a strong supportive team that is so goal oriented, as The Newton Group.”
Christopher M., ESA (Florida) Seven Years with Newton Group

“I haven’t been with the Newton Group long but the one thing I can tell you is how my life is so different since I started working here. I have a totally different schedule, and I love it. I am so relaxed in my life now without having to ‘get out there.’ I love my new life. I love my job. I appreciate the opportunity to come together and work together as a team to reach for and achieve our goals.”
Kimberly R., ESA (Florida) Two Years with Newton Group

“I started working with the Newton Group in March of 2010. When I first started I didn’t know what to expect. It’s not every day you happen to come across a work-at-home job that truly pays well. The Newton Group is exactly what America needs. You save on gas. You save on child care. The hours are very flexible. You find more time for your family and yourself. The Newton Group is like taking a nice deep breath of fresh air. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am proud to be an Elite Sales Associate for one of the best companies in the United States. Thank you Newton Group!”
Tammy R., ESA (Florida) Ten Years with Newton Group

“I have had the good fortune to be a part of The Newton Group team for the past three months. I say good fortune because it is by far the best work experience I have ever had in my life. I was very skeptical about the possibility of finding a legitimate work from home opportunity and then I found The Newton Group. I could not have dreamed of a better company & position to fit my life and my family’s needs. Every single team member that I have had the pleasure of working with has been genuinely kind and helpful, making me feel like a part of the team from the first day I began working. The work itself is challenging, fun, and rewarding. The phenomenal, ongoing training enables me to be successful in my position as an Elite Sales Associate and also lets me know that the company views my employment with them as an investment. The ability to work for an amazing company and balance my family life so well is priceless. The flexibility of when I can work and the ability to work extra hours is so important to me. I hope to have a very long career with The Newton Group and to be a valuable part of the company’s growth and success.”
Ann-Marie C., ESA (New Jersey) Eight Years with Newton Group