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We simplify the process of timeshare exit into three steps for you.  Let us do the work, so you can go on living your life. Call us NOW or submit a form to get started!

An Overview of Our Service

Since 2005, we have learned what timeshare owners need and customized a process to provide the highest level of service so timeshare owners receive the best of all possible worlds.  As a client, you will be teamed up with our exit professionals and a lawyer retained specifically to represent you.  You will get your questions answered, get the advice you need, understand your options and ultimately choose the path that is right for you.  As a result of this service model, we have earned over a thousand 5-star reviews across several review platforms.

After reviewing over 9,000 client experiences, we were alarmed to discover that almost 60% of our clients tried ending their ownership prior to hiring us AND FAILED.  This finding not only reveals the difficulty consumers have in ending their ownership, but it also demonstrates the need for our comprehensive service.  Timeshare exit may be difficult, but it does not have to be difficult for you.  This is why we have simplified the process by doing the heavy lifting for you.  You get the benefits of our hard work, while staying informed along the way. 

Uniquely Positioned to Offer Best-In-Class Service

Our People. While we have worked diligently to refine our procedures, we can only achieve greatness through the care that our staff puts into helping each client.  Our leadership team has worked hard to foster an environment which has earned Newton Group the distinct honor of being a “Great Place to Work.”

Experience.  Having been in this business since 2005, we have learned what  services clients need and how to best provide them.  During this time, we have established relationships with resorts, developers and strategic partners.

Trust.  According to the timeshare exit study, of the people who tried ending their ownership prior to hiring us, 1 in 4 hired another company who FAILED them.  This alarming statistic evidences that owners turn to us when they need real help and real service.

An Authority. As a consistent voice in the industry, many consider us an authority.  Our Consumers Guide to Timeshare Exit has been downloaded over 50,000 times, and we have been featured in many of America’s trusted outlets such as US News, Forbes, ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, and others.

Access to Justice. Having learned that timeshare owners could greatly benefit from legal advice and services, we decided to create a new model.  In 2017, the partners of Newton Group, along with experienced attorneys, formed a law firm focused on timeshare law.  As a result, every one of our clients can receive the affordable legal counsel they deserve.

How To Get Started

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