Newton Group consists of an experienced group of professionals who are dedicated to assisting you in removing yourself from your timeshare. We have an extensive background in working with thousands of timeshare owners who were in similar situations as you may now find yourself. Our primary motivation – our mission – is ensuring you quality service and peace of mind as you end your timeshare ownership.

Initially known solely as The Newton Group ESA, our company has sought to diversify over the past decade. During the early days of operation, we conducted business working behind the scenes providing software and sales support to various businesses. We soon found our niche in working with timeshare recapture companies, using our innovative software and sales expertise to expand our clients’ businesses into some of the most prestigious companies in the industry.

After gaining years of experience and absorbing a wealth of knowledge, we felt that we could best serve our customers by starting our own independent timeshare recapture firm to work with our clients directly. We felt that this new venture would allow us to make a significant impact on the timeshare recapture industry by providing personal attention to families who had been placed in an unfortunate position. Thus, Newton Group was born, a fully independent timeshare exit agency dedicated to serving the needs of families who wish to exit their timeshare contracts.

As innovators in the field, our superior technology sets us apart from our competitors. We developed the first web-based Customer Relationship Management platform specific to the timeshare exit industry, detailing every aspect of the exit process. This means we have a thorough understanding of every step required to get you out of your timeshare contract. We know the pitfalls of timeshare ownership, and we know how to effectively manage this complex process to ensure your satisfaction. Our proprietary software tracks the entire process from beginning to end, from timeshare owner to former timeshare owner.

At Newton Group, we pride ourselves on our honest approach with our customers. We have more than a decade’s worth of experience in honoring our commitments to our clients and helping them become timeshare free. Please contact us at 877-354-4321, or enter your information above to receive a free quote today!