St. Louis BBB Exposes Alleged $18,000 Timeshare Exit Scam

It seems that as each day passes we hear about another timeshare owner being defrauded or taken advantage of by bad actors in the timeshare exit industry. Today is no exception as CBS Evening News reported on an alleged timeshare exit scam that defrauded a senior couple out of $18,000. Unfortunately, the timeshare exit industry is polluted with scam artists. This is one of the factors that drove us at The Newton Group to publish The Consumer’s Guide to Timeshare Exit. Based on our 10+ years of experience helping customers end their timeshare ownership, we wanted to give consumers a definitive guide to protect themselves from getting taken advantage of.

The truth is that timeshare owners are never more vulnerable than when they decide to end their timeshare ownership.

“ Sadly we deal with many clients who come to us after getting burned by another exit company or listing company.  They are very cautious and very concerned about getting burned again – and I tell them frankly, you should be. With so many scams out there you must get educated and learn how to vet a viable exit company. This is why we wrote The Consumer’s Guide to Timeshare Exit,” said Gordon Newton, president of The Newton Group and author of The Consumer’s Guide to Timeshare Exit.

Timeshare Owners – Do Your Research & Get Educated.

Who you choose to help you end your timeshare ownership matters. Download our FREE Consumer’s Guide to Timeshare Exit today to learn how to protect yourself from timeshare exit scams and review the detailed exit company checklist to vet any timeshare exit company or attorney you would consider.

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