Avoid Your Maintenance Fees by Transferring Your Timeshare with Newton Group Transfers

Over the decade, Newton Group Transfers has become the most trusted name in timeshare exit. With offices in Michigan and Arizona, our expert personnel has assisted thousands of families achieve a swift and thorough exit solution from their timeshares. Our commitment to operating with integrity and transparency has helped us earn an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we have never had a single documented customer complaint. For these reasons, and many more, it is apparent that Newton Group Transfers is fully dedicated to helping our clients in all phases of timeshare transfer, including assisting them in avoiding costly annual maintenance fees.

For many timeshare owners, maintenance fees are not only increasing, but also becoming due earlier and earlier every year. Whereas in the past, most developers would begin sending out their annual bills in November or even December, certain resorts are now billing their owners as early as May, meaning that a certain amount of diligence is required if an owner no longer wishes to be responsible for these costs. A sure way to avoid paying these fees for another year is to transfer the deed of the property out from under your name as soon as possible with Newton Group Transfers.

While, oftentimes, a timeshare transfer can be completed in just a matter of weeks, so much of the detailed process depends on smooth cooperation between resort developers and the transfer company. Newton Group Transfers does everything within our means to expedite the transfer, but there is also a level of reliance on each resort to complete the transfer paperwork. Although resorts are required to comply, several have been known to delay the process when it works to their benefit. Oftentimes, these delays result in the current owners paying an extra year’s worth of maintenance fees. This risk can be mitigated and even prevented by beginning the transfer process earlier in the year.

According to CEO, Theodoros Panopoulos, “Although getting rid of your timeshare can initially be an emotional decision, our customers ultimately recognize the net financial benefit, and they learn that delaying just costs them more money. Trust is the single most important factor for our customers when transitioning out of their timeshares, and they turn to us because of our proven track record.”

If you are no longer interested in owning your timeshare, beginning the transfer process as early as possible is a great way to avoid your next maintenance fee and any special assessments. Call Newton Group Transfers today at (877) 354-4321 to guarantee an exit from your timeshare financial obligations forever.