Timeshare Customer Complaints Continued to Rise in 2012

According to a recent article on Forbes.com, timeshare complaints continued to increase in 2012 from both potential buyers and current owners. The nature of these complaints are similar to those found in past years, but unfortunately, they continue to grow in regularity.

As far as owners are concerned, there are two primary complaints, and we at Newton Group Transfers are all too familiar with both. The first is that timeshare owners who are no longer satisfied with their arrangement are still forced to pay their steep maintenance fees, even if they no longer use their property. These fees can extend well into the thousands of dollars, which can cripple the finances of many families, leaving them stressed, frustrated, and anxious about their future.

The other common complaint had to do with the owners’ inability to end their timeshare contracts and the dozens of scam companies that thrive off of this desperation. It seems as though the number one perpetrator of these scams comes in the form of false resale companies. These companies usually charge around $3,000 to resell your property, and they often do nothing more than cash your check and vanish.

Unfortunately, in some cases, that’s only the half of it. Once the check has cleared and the scammers have disappeared, the owner will receive another phone call from a related scammer claiming to be a “resale recovery service.” They offer to recoup the owners costs from the initial scammers, but they charge a large fee to do so, and they disappear for good after they’ve cashed this second check.

If you already own a timeshare, but you no longer use it or have become frustrated by mounting fees, be very careful when looking for viable exit solutions. Make sure to do your homework: check with the BBB, contact your state attorney general’s office, research the company’s website, and look for a permanent mailing address to ensure authenticity. Just a few easy steps to verify a company’s legitimacy could save you and your family thousands of dollars in the long run.

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