Relieve Yourself of Timeshare Stress

Are you a timeshare owner who feels overwhelmed by the rising fees levied by your resort? Are you looking for relief from your timeshare burden? Regardless of why you are feeling dissatisfied, removing your family from a timeshare obligation can be a difficult task.

At first glance, it seems as though there are several viable options for removing yourself from your timeshare: selling your timeshare outright through a listing company, donating your timeshare to a charitable organization, or simply abandoning your obligation. However, given the current state of the timeshare market, none of these solutions are as feasible as you might think. Therefore, the best option for a rapid, convenient, and affordable exit solution to your timeshare obligation is to contact Newton Group Transfers.

Removing yourself from a timeshare contract is nearly impossible to do on one’s own. Unfortunately, when individuals begin to despair over their attempts to end their timeshare burden, they choose to contact real estate agents and listing companies who simply cannot deliver on their lofty promises. However, the dishonest practices of many of these companies will not deter them from charging you absurd fees for their unresolved work.

Even if you try to make a charitable donation of your timeshare, the truth is that most philanthropic organizations likely will not accept it. Charities will gladly accept gifts of assets, but since timeshares are considered a liability, they usually deny your donation. Like most individuals and families, charities are discovering that timeshares are nearly impossible to sell, and they don’t want to be burdened by the increasing maintenance fees and special assessments while waiting to move the timeshare. Furthermore, this practice can get you in scalding hot water with the IRS!

A new trend in the timeshare industry is the practice of developers renting vacant timeshare inventory for significantly less than the actual owner’s high maintenance fees.  Obviously, this new strategy by the developers has infuriated thousands of timeshare owners. This business practice places the resort in direct competition with the timeshare owners attempting to rent out their property during years of non-use, and in most cases, the actual timeshare owner is unable to match the discounted rates that the resort offers. Thus, the owners are forced to lower their rent considerably, which basically defeats their chances at collecting any significant return on their “investment” through renting.  When families can afford to rent cheaply, it makes no sense to buy. Therefore, the market for purchasing a timeshare has bottomed out over the last several years.

The sluggish economy has also dealt a substantial blow to the timeshare resale market. As most family’s incomes have been decreasing, so too have their travel options. Vacations are viewed as a luxury that many families simply don’t have right now. Those families that are able to vacation, use their time and money to visit with relatives and friends rather than resort destinations. This shift in vacation philosophy has largely contributed to the current timeshare crisis.

With so few buyers on the market due to low rental rates and a change in vacation culture due to the slumping economy, competition for the few buyers that do exist has become a veritable battleground. So, when listing your timeshare doesn’t work, when donating your timeshare doesn’t work, and when renting your timeshare doesn’t work, don’t despair. After all of your frustrations, you’ve arrived at the most trusted name in timeshare exit: Newton Group Transfers.

At Newton Group Transfers, we know that removing yourself and your family from your timeshare burden can be a stressful endeavor, so please contact us today at (877) 354-4321 or visit us online to get rid your timeshare obligation once and for all and transition into an entirely new financial lifestyle!