Why “Attorneys on Staff” Do Not Protect You in a Timeshare Exit

If you are looking to end your timeshare ownership, you might have come across companies that tout having attorneys on staff as you are doing your research. At first glance, this sounds like a good thing, but did you ever stop to think that those attorneys might represent the company and not the client of the company? Well, that’s usually the case… those attorneys typically DO NOT represent the clients of the company.

In this video, our company president Gordon Newton shares insights on why the “attorney on staff” timeshare exit model is broken and even more importantly, how you may not be protected by companies using this model. In fact, that model is so broken that a handful of timeshare exit firms that utilize it have either gone out of business or gone bankrupt over the past 12 months.

If you are looking for help in exiting your timeshare, we would love to speak with you. In fact, you should know that we often work with attorneys in the process, however, when you work with the Newton Group, the attorneys handling your case actually represent you (not us) and we back their work with our unmatched financial commitment guarantee.  Call us at [insert_php]echo $_COOKIE[‘ngtCookieWebPhoneNumber’];[/insert_php] to learn more.