The Pros and Cons of Timeshare Ownership

Pros and Cons of Timeshare Ownership

Let’s be honest, owning a timeshare isn’t all bad. If it were, no one would ever enter into an agreement with a resort developer. There are many advantages that come along with purchasing a timeshare (as any salesman worth his salt will tell you), but it is important to investigate all variables when considering purchasing a timeshare. In this article, I’d like to take a minute to look at both the good and bad aspects of timeshare ownership.

The basic premise behind timeshares is simple: buy a fraction of a piece of vacation property and use it for a fraction of the year. This is an appealing proposition for those families who vacation regularly and have a favorite destination. Rather than purchasing their own property outright to use during their trips, timeshare owners share the cost of a property with a collection of other investors and spend an allotted amount of time there. In theory, this is an excellent way for many families to enjoy quality time with one another in a prized vacation locale. For those owners who really enjoy a specific vacation destination, they can familiarize themselves with an area and create lasting memories. Unfortunately, for many timeshare owners, these memories have a nasty habit of becoming bittersweet.

Most families really enjoy the first few years of owning a timeshare. It can be an exciting and convenient vacation option. However, as children get older, and families begin to use their timeshares less frequently, the property can begin to lose its luster. What initially seemed like a great way to treat your family to a special annual trip can become a headache as various maintenance fees and special assessments begin to add up. Coupled with the rising cost of travel and a stagnant economy, suddenly your timeshare can begin to seem like less of a luxury and more of a burden.

At this point in the life cycle of timeshare ownership, many people consider selling their property. The problem with this, of course, is that a timeshare is a liability, not an asset. The value will only depreciate over time, which makes the resale market virtually non-existent. There are many listing agencies and exchange companies who will make empty promises about the value of your property and the abundance of buyers lining up to purchase it, only to cash a large check without providing adequate – or any – service. The bottom line is that it is nearly impossible to sell a timeshare, and sadly there are predatory companies that prey on unsuspecting timeshare owners who want to believe their timeshares still have value. Our Consumers Guide to Timeshare Exit, speaks to many of these concerns of timeshare owners seeking to end their timeshare ownership, and we recommend that you read it to get educated on the exit process. The Guide shares what to expect from an exit company, what to look out for so you don’t get taken advantage of.

We make no pretense about the value of your timeshare. If you use and enjoy your timeshare, then it has some value to you and your family. If not, then you need to ask yourself if timeshare ownership is still a good choice. The best option to get out from under the heavy burden of a timeshare contract is to exit it with Newton Group Transfers. With a track record of over 10 years, we are fully confident in our ability to end your timeshare ownership.

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