Newton Group Transfers Releases The First Consumers Guide to Timeshare Exit

It’s National Consumer Protection Week, so we could not think of a better way to help protect consumers than to launch the Consumers Guide to Timeshare Exit. It’s been in the works for some time now, and it was written based on our years of experience and sadly years of hearing horror stories from consumers who have been taken advantage of. You can see the “official” press release copied below and you can get your free copy here. It’s a quick read and highly recommended for anyone seeking to get out of their timeshare.


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First Consumers’ Guide to Timeshare Exit Launches During National Consumer Protection Week

Comprehensive new guide is the first owner-focused resource to help consumers understand and navigate risks, benefits, and best practices associated with timeshare exit.  

(Phoenix, Arizona – March 8, 2018) Gordon Newton, Co-Founder & President of Newton Group Transfers — a Phoenix-based company specializing in timeshare exit — has written the first and only consumer-oriented guide to permanently ending timeshare ownership. While there have been hundreds of blog and magazine articles written on the subject, this is the first time a comprehensive guide has been written about timeshare exit.

Having owned and operated Newton Group for over a decade, Newton says he grew tired of hearing all of the stories about timeshare exit scams – both from his customers and in the media. This compelled Mr. Newton to begin outlining a draft of what he now believes  is an educational resource for timeshare owners.

Said Mr. Newton, “This guide is the culmination of the risks, pitfalls, and scams associated with timeshare exit that I’ve encountered throughout my career, as well as some proactive tips and approaches for a successful and cost-effective timeshare exit.”

The guide, aptly titled “The Consumer’s Guide to Timeshare Exit,” covers a variety of timeshare exit-related topics — including paying up front fees, dangerous exit strategies, common timeshare exit scams, and the fine print behind guarantees, among several other informative sections.

“The goal with this guide was to get as much accurate and relevant information as I could into one reader-friendly document, so  consumers don’t have to scour the Internet for days on end, potentially being lured into a scam in the process,” said Newton. “I believe research is such an important part of this process, however I realized that few people actually know how to conduct their research; now they a framework to work from.”

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For over a decade, Gordon Newton and his team at Newton Group Transfers have been passionate about helping timeshare owners. During this time, they have helped thousands of timeshare owners successfully exit their timeshares. The company maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and offers a financial commitment guarantee that is unmatched in the industry — effectively eliminating their customers timeshare burdens upon engagement — as well as a 100% money-back guarantee. To learn more about Newton Group Transfers, visit