Why can’t I sell my timeshare?

The most obvious reason you can’t sell your timeshare is the resale market is flooded with “DEVALUED” INVENTORY—because the market consists almost entirely of sellers, with no buyers. 

As seen in the Consumer’s Guide To Timeshare Exit, it is estimated that at any given time there are roughly 1 million owners looking to end their timeshare ownership. A quick online search reveals thousands of timeshares listed for less than $1 or even for free. 

But there is a less well-known obstacle to a viable timeshare resale market. Some timeshare resort developers view resales as a THREAT TO THEIR REVENUE STREAM and have taken direct and intentional action to SUPPRESS THE RESALE MARKET—including restricting rights and benefits for owners who purchase their timeshares on the resale market. This is a tactic used by some resorts to help ensure any potential timeshare purchaser views a timeshare interest sold by the resort as more valuable than one sold by a timeshare owner.

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