Upfront Timeshare Exit Fee?

An upfront timeshare exit fee by itself is not a red flag. Despite what timeshare sales representatives may tell you, a timeshare typically has little-to-no resale value. And timeshare exit companies cannot earn commissions on a transaction involving something that is not a financial asset and holds no value. An upfront fee protects the timeshare exit company performing a successful exit for a client who decides not to pay when the work is done.

However, it’s important to know the value of the services you are paying for and that the services are backed by a written agreement from a company with a solid reputation. At Newton Group, our comprehensive process includes exit services and personal legal representation for a single flat fee. The Newton Group partners, together with experienced attorneys, co-founded a law firm to focus on timeshare exit legal issues.

If you were to hire a lawyer on your own, it’s rare to find one who has actual experience with timeshare contracts and agreements, since “timeshare law” is not a recognized area of specialty. Also, private attorneys usually require large, upfront retainers and have constantly increasing billable hours. This makes hiring a lawyer unaffordable for most timeshare owners who are often already facing financial constraints. Newton Group’s unique setup and process offers accessible, affordable representation to timeshare owners.