Is Using Your Resort a Good Exit Option?

Using your resort as an exit option to end your ownership isn’t recommended. The reason is supported by our data: over 65% of our clients who tried exiting before hiring us, first tried using their resort as an exit option and were either denied, ignored, or worse, upsold for thousands of dollars. Resorts have a financial interest in keeping owners locked in a fee-paying contract. Many sales representatives are trained to use an owner seeking to exit as an opportunity to sell more timeshares. Resort exit programs also have restrictions, and they don’t work for everyone. Plus, the resort exit program usually requires that you sign a release so that you have no other legal recourse. We have many signed legal declarations from clients recounting what happened when they went back to the resort for an exit. Here is just one example:

“We received a written communication from [our resort] that discouraged owners from hiring an attorney or any third party in an attempt to cancel timeshare contracts. The letter advised that [our resort] would be willing to work with us directly. . . After spending approximately five hours we reluctantly agreed to a membership purchase that provided us with 15,000 points for a total purchase price of $56,100. . . We felt that we were misled into making an additional purchase when that was not what we desired to do. We don’t feel that [our resort] was interested in listening to our concerns, and rather used our visit as an opportunity to upsell us.” —Sworn Legal Declaration