Timeshare Transfer 101: Do Your Homework!

As we’ve stated before, our primary purpose is to educate readers on the many aspects of the timeshare industry and to offer an alternative solution to those families who are no longer happy with their property – not to bash the timeshare ownership at large. For some people, timeshares are a great fit. If you and your family know that you love the resort and can afford the fees and travel costs associated with timeshare ownership, more power to you. One thing I always like to stress, however, is for potential owners to do their homework before signing on the dotted line.

Now, it’s no secret that most of us don’t like doing homework. We didn’t want to study our multiplication tables when we were in 3rd grade, and we don’t want to agonize over every single aspect of our lives now. However, when you’re looking for viable alternatives to removing your family from the burden of timeshare ownership, it’s absolutely vital that you thoroughly research whichever company you plan on working with.

Traditionally, ending a timeshare agreement was next to impossible, but within the last decade, more and more disgruntled owners have begun utilizing timeshare transfer companies to rid themselves of their properties once and for all. This has been a blessing for unhappy owners desperately seeking an end to their timeshare nightmare, as well as for the industry as a whole, but certain businesses have manipulated this emerging trend, ripped off their customer base, and then disappeared as quickly as they arrived.

In the timeshare recapture industry, many brand names have come and gone, but the same ownership of these brands remains intact. The common practice is for companies to perform their business under a vast collection of different brand names. This way, they can quickly abort any temporary brands that have earned unwanted liabilities or poor reputations. New names are being introduced all the time, but they fade away just as quickly as they arrived, leaving no evidence that they ever existed.

So why do so many companies abort these new brands shortly after they’ve been established? The answer is simple, really; it’s so much easier for them to just fold up their temporary operations and begin anew with a new brand name (and the same dishonest business plan) rather than spending the time, money, and effort to provide the support that every customer deserves. Given this flippant and irresponsible attitude, many timeshare owners trying to transfer their property have been burned with no way to recover their losses. Therefore, timeshare owners looking to rid themselves of their contracts are strongly urged to investigate the history of any company they deal with, along with the history of their ownership.

Meanwhile, as many timeshare recapture companies try and disguise their poor reputations by representing themselves as several different entities, Newton Group Transfers continues to maintain our core values of transparency and integrity. Our reputation is everything to us. To that end, all subsidiaries and brands under the umbrella of the Newton Group ESA operate with the exact same moral criteria. By sticking to a strict set of principles, Newton Group Transfers has become the most trusted name in timeshare exit.

In other words: It may seem boring, but doing your homework always pays off!

Thankfully, with Newton Group Transfers, you can do all of your research in one spot! When you visit our website, you can learn about the history of our company, our commitment to our customers, and how our process works. If you’re convinced that we’re the right company to assist your family, we invite you to participate in a webinar or call us at (877) 354-4321 for a free consultation. Our expert Timeshare Transfer Representatives are eager and willing to answer any questions you may have and get you on the fast track to financial freedom immediately.