The Newton Group Celebrates 8th Anniversary Operating in the Timeshare Recapture Industry

It’s no secret that the timeshare industry suffers from a less-than-stellar reputation. Who hasn’t heard the horror stories of agonizing sales pitch meetings, increasing annual fees, and families stuck in predatory contracts? There was a time when removing a family from a timeshare agreement was next to impossible, but over the last decade, more and more owners have been utilizing timeshare transfer companies to rid themselves of their properties once and for all. Among these, Newton Group Transfers has emerged as the most trusted leader in timeshare exit based on their steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction.

Although The Newton Group ESA has been heavily involved in the back end of the timeshare recapture industry since 2005, we launched a new brand, Newton Group Transfers, in 2012 to more accurately articulate our mission. The sole purpose of this new brand is to serve individuals and families who wish to be removed from their timeshare contracts. The Newton Group ESA uses their proprietary Customer Relations Management (CRM) software to maximize employee efficiency and provide expert sales support to a wide variety of clients through a virtual setting. This keeps costs low and transparency high, thus allowing us to deliver valuable service while gaining trust that ultimately benefits our customers.

In this industry, many brands have come and gone, but many times, the same ownership remains. The common practice is for companies to perform their business under a vast collection of different brand names in order to quickly abort any brands or companies that have earned unwanted liabilities or poor reputations. Why all the turnover? Simple: it is much easier for companies to fold up and restart rather than spend the money to take care of the customer properly. As a result, many timeshare owners attempting to transfer ownership of their property have been burned, with no way to recover their losses. Therefore, timeshare owners who are looking to rid themselves of their contracts are strongly urged to investigate the history of any company they deal with, along with the history of said company’s ownership.

While many companies within the industry will attempt to hide their poor reputation by representing themselves as a number of different entities, this isn’t the case with The Newton Group ESA. All subsidiaries and brands under the umbrella of the Newton Group ESA operate with the same core values, and by sticking to our principles, Newton Group Transfers has become synonymous with excellence in the timeshare recapture industry and has earned an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

In this business, a percentage of customer fulfillments will require unexpected costs and cause the transfer companies to suffer occasional losses. Most transfer companies are willing to accept having disgruntled customers rather than incurring the costs necessary to provide a guarantee to the customer. While other companies have focused their energies into dishonest guerrilla marketing strategies and penny pinching, Newton Group Transfers has focused ours into providing the best possible customer service.

In the relatively young timeshare recapture industry, eight years of experience is rare, but eight years without any blemishes or aborted brands is nearly unheard of. We’ve set the bar high, and we will strive to raise it even higher by dedicating ourselves to 100% of our customers 100% of the time.