Newton Group Transfers Alleviates Timeshare Owner’s Apprehension

Terry E. and her family owned a few separate points-based timeshares that allowed them a degree of flexibility in exploring their vacation options, and they really enjoyed timeshare ownership for more than a decade. But eventually, the maintenance fees became overwhelming, and they began to look for a way out. Said Terry, “We had some really good vacations! We went to the Bahamas. We went to Las Vegas a couple of times. We went to Branson a couple of times. We just had some really, really great trips. But there comes a time when you’re paying out all these maintenance fees, and you could have a nice vacation without the timeshare.”

When timeshare owners have decided that they no longer want their property, their first move is usually to attempt to find a buyer. Unfortunately, the secondary market for these properties is alarmingly thin. Still, many listing agencies will insist that the market is hot and that potential buyers are lining up around the block to get their hands on a timeshare of their own. When owners attempt to go this route, they usually pay a variable fee for these companies to list their property on a website, but their hired hands usually do very little work in actually attempting to sell the property. Therefore, the timeshare remains in limbo while money continues to line the listing company’s inflated pockets. In the end, the only result is more frustration, leaving timeshare owners confused about how to proceed.

Once her family was ready to get rid of their ownership, Terry sent money to several different listing companies who ultimately failed to deliver on their promises. So after essentially throwing away significant amounts of money, she was naturally apprehensive when initially contacted by Newton Group Transfers. But after she and her husband spoke with one of our consumer advisor who detailed the timeshare transfer process, they decided to proceed with the transfer.

Terry says that Newton Group Transfers did a wonderful job updating her and her husband on the steps involved with the transfer as they progressed, which helped keep them composed and confident that everything was proceeding precisely as guaranteed. The end result was an affordable transfer in which Terry and her family became timeshare free, no longer having to stress about exorbitant maintenance fees on a piece of property that had once been an enjoyable vacation option but eventually became a burden.

Terry’s story is one that echoes throughout the timeshare industry. Newton Group Transfers understands the apprehension that comes along with attempting to transition out from underneath a timeshare. The fact is that several companies out there simply do not operate with the level of honesty and integrity that most of us are used to in our daily lives. Because of this, we go above and beyond to assure timeshare owners that we have their best interests in mind as we guide them through every step of the transfer process.

If you’ve reached the point where you know that you no longer want to own you timeshare but are at all nervous about who you can trust, research Newton Group Transfers. We have an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau and have transferred thousands of timeshares.

Terry would agree: Newton Group Transfers truly is the most trusted name in timeshare exit. So call us today at (877) 354-4321 or visit online at our website to put a permanent end to your timeshare burden and transition into a financially liberated lifestyle.

Terry’s story is one of many that we are extremely proud and grateful to have played a key roll in. If you are considering eliminating ownership of your timeshare, we have a list of satisfied customers who are willing to act as references and personally share their experiences with potential customers. Call today!