How Long Should a Timeshare Exit Take?

Maintenance fees, special assessments, and taxes can get extremely expensive, so every month that passes during the timeshare exit process brings owners that much closer to receiving those annual bills. For this reason, most timeshare owners want to get out of their timeshare as quickly as possible ― before the following year’s fees come due. But is there a specific time frame for completion? Is there a definitive time frame that should be expected once an owner enters into an agreement with a timeshare exit company to conduct a timeshare exit?

This isn’t a difficult question to answer, but it is a complicated one. In short, no, there is no definitive time frame for a successful timeshare exit. Timeshare exit is a lengthy process that can often take up to a year – and in some rare cases longer – to complete. To avoid complaints such as these and to keep our customers at ease, we inform all of our customers prior to signing a contract that this process can be tedious.

Further, any company that does give you a specific time frame is almost assuredly making a promise they can’t keep. However, while it is basically impossible to guarantee a specific period in which a timeshare can be transferred due to numerous variables ― not the least of which being resort cooperation ― that doesn’t mean owners don’t have the right to expect an expedient solution to their timeshare burden. Bear in mind that each timeshare is different, and the length of the process will always vary based on the owner’s unique circumstances.

The best way to ensure that expedient solution ― the only way, really ― is by working with a company that offers financial security throughout the length of the transfer, regardless of how long it takes. Only timeshare transfer companies that are committed to covering an owner’s maintenance fees and special assessments during this process can be trusted to complete the transfer within a reasonable time frame because they are incentivized to do so. As you well know, these fees are expensive and increase every single year, so transfer companies that are willing to put their money where their mouths are must truly believe in their ability to follow through with their promise. If they weren’t capable of delivering, there’s no way they could keep up with the staggering overhead.

At Newton Group Transfers, we do our very best to ensure an expedient and effective timeshare transfer. Whenever a customer signs with us and agrees to use our services, we immediately assume all responsibility for all costs that incur throughout the duration of the transfer process. We honor our contracts with each and every one of our clients and are willing to pay all fees related to the property once we begin working together, even if the length of the process is beyond our control. However, timeshare transfers are heavily reliant on close communication and coordination with resort developments, which means that there are often potential obstacles.

Our entire staff at Newton Group Transfers has worked tirelessly to earn our reputation as a trusted timeshare exit solution. Our financial commitment guarantee, customer testimonials, and free consultations are all testaments to our commitment to operating honestly and with transparency.

So if you and your family are looking for a trusted timeshare exit solution but are unsure where to turn, please contact us today by calling (877) 354-4321. We would love to review your timeshare situation and begin working toward a comprehensive and expedient timeshare exit for you.