Former Timeshare Owner Enthusiastically Endorses Newton Group Transfers

Glen W. is a former timeshare owner who was worried about the consequences of timeshare ownership for his children in the event of his death. Most timeshare contracts have a perpetuity clause, meaning that the property is deeded to the family indefinitely. For this reason, many timeshare owners feel a sense of urgency to sell their property when they no longer wish to use it. Unfortunately, the secondary market for timeshares is almost nonexistent, which makes timeshare transfer companies like Newton Group Transfers such a valuable commodity.

Glen and his wife enjoyed their timeshare for several years before they decided to seek out measures for a transition. “We owned a timeshare property in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee that we used for five years before health concerns caught up with us, leaving us unable to drive” said Glen. “Therefore, the timeshare became unusable for us. The only thing we did was pay the annual maintenance fees, which became larger and larger every year.” Because they were unable to use their timeshare, Glen and his wife asked their children if they would want to take on the responsibility. Unfortunately, no one in their family was willing to do so, which led them to search for a practical way of exiting their timeshare and transitioning into a financially liberated lifestyle. It was at this point that Newton Group Transfers came into the fold.

Glen and his wife were deeply concerned about their inability to end their timeshare ownership and grew increasingly worried about the money they were spending attempting to sell their property. They were fully aware of the barren secondary market, but they were naturally concerned with the steadily increasing maintenance fees attached to their timeshare. According to Glen, “The timeshare became a stone around our neck, and we didn’t want to drown.” This is a common sentiment expressed by many timeshare owners who are no longer reaping the benefits of their ownership – that their property has become an albatross of sorts that causes a level of anxiety that Newton Group Transfers specializes in alleviating.

Thankfully, Glen sought out Newton Group Transfers, and he and his wife were able to transition the deed out of their name and begin a new, timeshare-free lifestyle. “Newton Group Transfers did exactly what they said they would, they did it in the timeframe they said they would, and they took the timeshare off of our hands. For that, we will be eternally grateful,” said Glen.

Stories like this one constitute the brick and mortar of Newton Group Transfers’ foundation. We are steadfastly dedicated to assisting concerned timeshare owners to discover and execute a reasonable means to an end to their timeshare burden. If you no longer have a use for your timeshare, be sure to contact Newton Group Transfers at (877) 354-4321.

Glen’s story is one of many that we are extremely proud and grateful to have played a key roll in. If you are considering eliminating ownership of your timeshare, we have a list of satisfied customers who are willing to act as references and personally share their experiences with potential customers. Call today at (877) 354-4321!