Beware of Timeshare Scam Companies

It’s no secret that certain elements within the timeshare industry have a reputation for low ethical standards. There is a stigma attached to the term “timeshare” that evokes a litany of negative images: the often overwhelming initial meeting with timeshare sales professionals; monthly maintenance fees and special assessments that are incommensurate from what you thought you had agreed to in your contract; and the anxiety that accompanies the realization that you and your family are locked into your agreement in perpetuity.

As if this wasn’t enough, new companies are springing up fraudulently pledging to remove you from your timeshare contracts without actually following through with their promise. There is a rising awareness that many families will do whatever it takes to remove themselves from their timeshares, and there is a slew of new companies looking to prey upon the vulnerability of timeshare owners. The representatives of these companies falsely claim that they will remove you from your timeshare contracts, but do little to help once they have cashed a large up-front fee.

Specifically, many of these companies are soliciting timeshare owners that have not fully paid the mortgage on their timeshare. They provide their clients with a form letter to send to the resort developer attempting to void their timeshare contract by claiming that they were duped into ownership in the first place. The bottom line is that this method of timeshare removal is not an effective service, and it usually yields no results.  Of course, after the failed attempt, the company does not, in most cases, return your money.

Newton Group Transfers is NOT one of these companies. We take an honest approach with our customers to fully transfer the deed from timeshare owners who have paid their mortgage in full. We are an experienced group of veterans of the timeshare transfer industry with a universal reputation of integrity based on our core values of accountability and transparency. We’ve built a culture of good faith between ourselves and our clients based on the following factors:

We urge you to be diligent in your search for an efficient and expedited timeshare exit solution. We realize that most timeshare owners have dealt with less than reputable individuals and organizations in the past, and we understand the hesitation to move forward with an exit solution that requests an upfront fee. However, the links above speak volumes about our honest commitment to our customers. We have our client’s best interests in mind, and we will work tirelessly and honestly to remove you from your timeshare obligation. So, please contact us today at (877) 354-4321 to liberate yourself from your timeshare contract and transition into a new financial lifestyle.