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Using he Resort For Timeshare Exit

Using The Resort For Timeshare Exit

High-Risk Timeshare Exit Strategy: Going Back To Your Resort Using the resort as a timeshare exit strategy could be considered a “High-Risk timeshare exit strategy. Resorts make billions of dollars selling timeshare interests. They are experts at getting people into timeshares—not out of them. For this reason and more, it is dangerous to contact the […]


How to avoid timeshare exit scams

Timeshare Exit Scam To Avoid: “Viking Ship” Scheme

Timeshare Exit: ” Viking Ship” Scheme A “Viking Ship” scheme refers to a process by which a timeshare exit company will transfer a timeshare property into a “shell” company, which is a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) that is created without any assets or real operations. This shell company is set up exclusively for […]


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What could happen if you simply stop paying on your timeshare?

The Contract That Binds You With Your Timeshare! The contract that applies to your timeshare ownership is a legal document, and therefore any consideration of transfer, payment cessation, etc. should only be done with the advice of a personal attorney specializing in timeshare exit. Beware of timeshare exit companies that advise you to stop paying […]


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Newton Group Timeshare Exit Study Reveals Rampant Unfair And Deceptive Sales Practices In The Timeshare Industry

PRESS RELEASE Newton Group Timeshare Exit Study Reveals Rampant Unfair And Deceptive Sales Practices In The Timeshare Industry Newton Group’s Partner Law Firm is Exploring Potential Claims on Behalf of Timeshare Owners  PHOENIX (Jul 9, 2021): Newton Group, the nation’s longest standing timeshare exit company which has been providing timeshare exit services since 2005, is […]



How Do I Get Rid Of My Timeshare In A Pandemic? via Forbes

Our company President, Gordon Newton, who wrote The Consumer’s Guide to Timeshare Exit, was featured in this Forbes article about how to get rid of your timeshare. It is important that timeshare owners understand that who they choose to help end their timeshare ownership matters now more than ever. We have seen over a dozen […]



Are Timeshares Worth the Money? via Quicken Loans

Our president, Gordon Newton was featured in this article by Quicken Loans Love taking your annual vacations? Then you might consider investing in a timeshare, a vacation property that you share with others and get to visit certain times of the year. But is buying such a property a good move?… (click here to read […]



Getting Out Of A Timeshare – WFTS Tampa Bay

Shared vacation properties and timeshares allow travelers to purchase a share of a holiday home. According to the American Resort Development Association (ARDA), more than 9 million households in the U.S. own some form of timeshare (weeks, points, club membership, etc.). The $9.6 billion industry consists of nearly 1,600 resorts in the U.S. alone, with […]