Newton Group Timeshare Exit Study Reveals Rampant Unfair And Deceptive Sales Practices In The Timeshare Industry


Newton Group Timeshare Exit Study Reveals Rampant Unfair And Deceptive Sales Practices In The Timeshare Industry

Newton Group’s Partner Law Firm is Exploring Potential Claims on Behalf of Timeshare Owners 

PHOENIX (Jul 9, 2021): Newton Group, the nation’s longest standing timeshare exit company which has been providing timeshare exit services since 2005, is releasing statistics from its on-going timeshare exit study of over 10,000 timeshare ownership experiences. Results reveal rampant unfair and deceptive sales practices by timeshare sales representatives.

A large majority of the study—9257 questionnaires—details owners’ experiences buying directly from the resort. An alarming 98% said they endured unfair and/or deceptive sales practices, examples of which include the salesperson refusing to take no as an answer, misrepresenting the investment value of the timeshare, and misrepresenting the ease of reselling and/or renting the property.  

“For years, timeshare sales representatives have been duping Americans into signing expensive contracts that have little or no value and no end date,” said Gordon Newton, President of Newton Group and a Non-Attorney Partner at DC Capital Law. “We are helping timeshare owners fight back.”

The study uncovers over 100,000 instances of unfair or deceptive trade practices as defined by the courts and outlawed by the Federal Trade Commission Act and individual state laws. Newton Group is freeing owners from unwanted timeshare contracts while its partner law firm, DC Capital Law, determines if the clients qualify for any legal claims.

“This study is an invaluable tool in exploring potential claims against timeshare developers and related entities in the industry,” said Randolph Smith, Senior Counsel at DC Capital Law. “It provides us with a framework for analyzing the scope of the problem.”

According to the study, an average of 11 instances of deception and/or unethical, oppressive or unscrupulous acts by timeshare sales representatives was reported per questionnaire. 

“These consumers experienced a bombardment of high pressure sales tactics and misrepresentations, and even the most skeptical ended up signing on the dotted line under the onslaught,” Newton said. “I hear from a lot of timeshare owners who say they are ashamed. Well, this study shows exactly who owns the shame.”

In 2017, Newton Group innovated a new and powerful approach to timeshare exit. The Newton Group partners, together with experienced attorneys, co-founded DC Capital Law to focus on timeshare exit legal issues. Newton Group’s unique timeshare exit process combines specialized exit services with the protection of personal legal representation, under one service agreement and with an affordable flat fee. 

“Never before has justice been so accessible and affordable for timeshare owners,” Newton said. “Our comprehensive approach to helping timeshare owners is the gold standard of the timeshare exit industry.”

The business model allows for each Newton Group client to have their own separate and independent legal engagement with DC Capital Law, whereby the attorneys work directly for the timeshare owner and have a fiduciary and ethical duty to act in owners’ best interests. 

“DC Capital Law is dedicated to exploring the pursuit of legal claims based on our clients’ experiences,” Smith said.

DC Capital Law has already filed numerous lawsuits and arbitration demands on behalf of its timeshare clients. 

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