At Newton Group, we are fiercely dedicated to the concept of helping our customers Uncover New Life. By this, we mean that dislodging oneself from a financial burden can open up a vast spectrum of new possibilities. Experience tells us that rising fees and a stagnant resale market can lead to a stressful and unfulfilling timeshare ownership. Our mission is to alleviate this stress by assisting in the transfer of your timeshare contract. We truly are the most trusted name in timeshare exit.

Please note that we are not a listing agency or an exchange company. We do not make promises that we cannot keep, and we will never do anything to betray our customer’s trust. We are a timeshare transfer company, and we pride ourselves on providing an honest service based on our core principles of integrity and accountability. We have no desire to push you into making a hasty decision regarding your timeshare. Rather, our greatest hope is that we can present you with a viable timeshare transfer solution.

At the end of the day, any decision regarding your timeshare rests solely in your hands. What we offer is the opportunity for our customers to be made fully aware of alternative solutions to their timeshare ownership concerns. Once informed on the expert service that Newton Group Transfers provides, we trust that our customers will make the right decision for their families.

We pride ourselves on our honest approach with our customers. We are fully aware of the severity of the timeshare crisis and will not sugar coat the situation. At Newton Group, we offer the opportunity to forge a new financial future by accepting each predicament for exactly what it is and by working together to develop alternative solutions. Please contact us at 877-354-4321 or visit us at for the best service in the timeshare transfer industry.

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