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Using he Resort For Timeshare Exit

Using The Resort For Timeshare Exit

High-Risk Timeshare Exit Strategy: Going Back To Your Resort Using the resort as a timeshare exit strategy could be considered a “High-Risk timeshare exit strategy. Resorts make billions of dollars selling timeshare interests. They are experts at getting people into timeshares—not out of them. For this reason and more, it is dangerous to contact the […]


How to avoid timeshare exit scams

Timeshare Exit Scam To Avoid: “Viking Ship” Scheme

Timeshare Exit: ” Viking Ship” Scheme A “Viking Ship” scheme refers to a process by which a timeshare exit company will transfer a timeshare property into a “shell” company, which is a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) that is created without any assets or real operations. This shell company is set up exclusively for […]



US News & World Report – What You Need to Know About Buying a Timeshare

Our president, Gordon Newton was featured in US News & World Report once again as an expert in the timeshare industry. This time, he gave insights on buying a timeshare. Gordon never recommends that you buy a timeshare from a resort developer, but rather to acquire one for pennies on the dollar (or free) that […]