We are very proud to share some of the many testimonials that we have received from our Customers.


Bill & Lori Moore

Wendy Gores

Bruce St. James

William Moore

Dolores Thornton, Thomas Perkins

They assured us by email, by phone call, and with a letter, and it just made us feel very good to deal with a group that had their good services to compliment us. And we were very grateful for that.
Corinne K., (Wisconsin)

I was extremely impressed that at every stage of the process, we were notified. They actually give you a checklist of what is going to occur!
David C., (Wisconsin)

I’ve had great difficulty over the past few years trying to get rid of my timeshare. This was very expeditious, it went very smoothly and I just have to say that I am very pleased with the whole process.
Irving G., (Rhode Island)

You don’t know who to trust these days, but this group brought me through it and got rid of my timeshare. And that was what was important to me.
Betty B., (Ohio)

Anyone who is considering subscribing to Newton Group Transfers service can do so with total confidence. They will either accomplish what they say they will accomplish or you will receive your money back promptly.
Alan C., (Washington)

I admit, I was skeptical at first. But I am now happy to say I am glad I took a leap of faith with the Newton Group and finally did something about my timeshare. It really was a seamless operation once I got the forms filled out. I am well pleased with the process and the people I dealt with.
Dennis L., (Indiana)

I’d like to say that the company did a great job and that everything ran smoothly with my transfer. After everything that I have tried, this is the only company that did exactly what they said they were going to. I am very pleased.
Earnest J., (Virginia)

I am quite satisfied with the whole process. I thought it was handled very professionally.
Robert J., (Ontario)

When he first called, I asked, ‘Are you an angel?’ The representatives made it very clear and answered any questions that I had with complete understanding. I’m just so ecstatic to be out from under those two timeshares because I don’t use them because those maintenance fees go up every year. Now I have more money available to spend on my favorite recreational pastimes! I don’t know what I would have ever done if I had not received that phone call! I was pleased that the process happened so quickly.
Jean F., (Oklahoma)

Your service was very professional and efficient, which I appreciate. Your company did everything I needed, when I needed it.
Frankye P., (Washington)

I am definitely pleased. Your word is the truth and it wasn’t just a phony sales pitch. I thank you for being honest with me from the very beginning.
Adeline S., (Arizona)

The webinar was very helpful and we appreciate everything you were able to do from the start. Everything has gone smoothly just like you promised. And it’s a big help because we don’t use our timeshare. The cost was reasonable and definitely outweighed all of our fees. You came through with what you promised which is the most important thing. We are so pleased with your services for our sake and the sake of our children.
Edwin and Judy R., (Tennessee)

I really appreciated the positive approach you took toward my timeshare issue. I was happy that your advisors kept following up and helping me through this one step at a time. You definitely gave the impression of a professional environment.
Sandra B., (British Columbia)

I am so pleased and grateful for all of your help. What pleased me the most was the amount of trust that I had in your company throughout the entire process, despite the fact that my confidence in the process was shaky before I employed your services. I had a good sense though as the process continued that you were looking out for me. I loved the due diligence that Newton Group Transfers offered from start to finish. Yay to NGT for handling your business so efficiently! I was extremely impressed by the fact that you had no customer complaints. The degree of confidence that I have and the way that you handle it inspires a lot of trust.
Sheryl A., (Washington)