Timeshare owners: You may have a claim!

When you bought your timeshare, were you told it was a financial investment?

Do you feel you were pressured, manipulated, or even outright lied to?

For YEARS timeshare companies have been using deceptive sales tactics to dupe millions of Americans into signing expensive contracts that have little or no value and no end date. Well, the Newton Group is helping timeshare owners FIGHT BACK! Along with our partner law firm, we are helping owners to rid themselves of unwanted timeshare contracts.

If you were a Diamond Resorts Timeshare owner and have received an IRS notice stating that you owe additional taxes due to your timeshare write-off (known as a form 1099C), we want to hear from you in particular. Even if you didn’t get such a notice, our team is standing by ready to fight for justice for you in ending your timeshare ownership with the hopes of helping you recoup whatever is possible.

Don’t wait and continue paying thousands of dollars on your unwanted timeshare. Call Newton Group now to get a safe and legal exit AND access to justice! Call us at 888-44JUSTICE Today!


(Sample 1099C – Did you receive one of these from Diamond Resorts?)

1099C from Diamond Resorts