End Your Timeshare AND See if You Have a Legal Claim

Timeshare owners, you may have a claim!

When you bought your timeshare, were you told it was a financial investment?

Do you feel you were pressured, manipulated, or even outright lied to?

For years timeshare sales representatives have been using deceptive sales tactics to dupe Americans into signing expensive contracts that have little or no value and no end date. At Newton Group we are helping timeshare owners fight back! Along with our partner law firm, we are freeing owners from unwanted timeshare contracts AND seeing if they qualify for any legal claims. Why wait? Don’t continue paying for something you’re not using or don’t want. Fill out the form on this page or call Newton Group now at [insert_php]echo $_COOKIE[‘ngtCookieWebPhoneNumber’];[/insert_php] for a safe and legal exit.

Exit Experts and Lawyers on Your Side!
Dual Timeshare Exit and Legal Services

Don’t you wish you had a lawyer on your side when you signed your timeshare contract…an expert to compare the claims and promises told to you with the written terms of your contract?

Well…it’s even more vital you have timeshare expertise and legal representation on your side when ending your timeshare contract!

Many timeshare exit or cancellation companies misrepresent available exit options. But Newton Group’s unique dual service approach leverages all available exit options, allowing us to help timeshare owners regardless of ownership circumstances.

The Newton Exit combines our specialized exit services with the power and safety of personal legal representation, under one service agreement and with an affordable flat fee. 

The attorneys at our partner law firm work directly with you to advise of your legal rights, including any claims you may have, and provide legal counsel throughout the timeshare exit process.

To take advantage of your exit options, contact Newton Group today at [insert_php]echo $_COOKIE[‘ngtCookieWebPhoneNumber’];[/insert_php] for a free, no-obligation timeshare exit case review. Or submit the contact form located on this page and we will call you.