Your Trusted Timeshare Exit Service with the Newton Group

You are in good hands with The #1 Trusted Name in Timeshare Exit

  • Your Personalized, No Obligation, Timeshare Exit Plan
    Your timeshare ownership is a unique case, and we treat it as such. You get a personalized timeshare exit plan backed by our 15+ years of experience helping thousands of timeshare owners. Once you are ready to end your timeshare—we move on to the next step.
  • Two Services / One Flat Fee
    At Newton Group our unique dual service and affordable flat fee are the gold standard of timeshare exit. We combine our specialized exit services—including the means to offer multiple exit pathways—with the power and safety of personal legal representation. This means double the service and double the protection for unparalleled peace of mind.
  • Constant Communication
    We pride ourselves on our honest approach with our customers—this is how in our 15+ years we have continually maintained Better Business Bureau Accreditation and an A+ rating. And you will never be in the dark on the status of your timeshare exit with our world-class proprietary customer management system. You can count on Newton Group.
  • A Safe and Legal End to Your Timeshare
    Your timeshare exit solution is protected by personal legal representation. Rest easy as our law firm of timeshare exit attorneys work on your behalf acting solely in your best interest to ensure a safe and legal end to your timeshare contract(s).

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