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The percentage of our clients who hired the wrong exit company before finding us and finally ending their timeshare forever.


The number of exit companies that have failed since April 2019. Taking timeshare owners’ money and leaving them still owning their timeshare.


There’s only One large timeshare exit company with an A+ Better Business Bureau Accreditation and 17 years of experience ending timeshares.

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Why Making The Right Choice
For Your Timeshare Exit is Vital

  • Not all exit companies have a true exit process. Newton Group has a 15 year track record of success ending timeshare ownership
  • The 2 largest timeshare exit companies have BBB alerts out on them. One is being sued by the Washington Attorney General, and the other has been served legal papers for plagiarizing our Consumer’s Guide to Timeshare Exit. You must be careful
  • Most exit companies do not offer true legal representation to protect you and your family. At Newton Group, we assign you an attorney to represent you and your best interest throughout your exit, all for one flat fee
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About Newton Group

For over 15 years The Newton Group has earned and maintained its status as the #1 Trusted Name in Timeshare Exit. With a team of dedicated timeshare exit leaders, The Newton Group has helped thousands of timeshare owners safely and legally end their timeshare ownership.

In 2018 The Newton Group wrote and published the world’s first and only definitive guide to safe and legal timeshare exit. In the process, The Newton Group has potentially saved people thousands of dollars and years of heartache by educating and preparing timeshare owners for their safe and legal timeshare exit.

The Consumer's Guide to Timeshare Exit