We Provide the Exit Options, You Choose the Solution

Our Guaranteed 5-Step Process leverages our 16+ years of experience and industry connections to present you with every available exit option. While our dedicated team of experts keeps you informed and updated every step toward an exit of your choosing.

Not sure if an exit is right for you?
Not to worry.

If Newton Group gets you an exit option during the first 4 steps of our services, you can request a FREE limited consultation with a personal attorney to discuss the exit option. This is an additional service we provide to ensure our clients make the best decision for themselves moving forward. Because we put consumer protection first!

Guaranteed 5-Step Process

Step 1: Welcome Call and Questionnaire
Our expert Customer Experience Team will introduce you to the expected process
and explain our welcome packet and questionnaire. This will inform us about your experience in owning your timeshare property and will be used to help determine the best course of action to help you achieve a safe and legal exit.

Step 2: Review of Existing In-house Options to Exit the Timeshare Ownership
Our Account Managers will determine if your timeshare qualifies for an expedited exit. If one is not available or if you choose not to accept it, we move on to Step 3.

Step 3: Review of Any Third Party Transfer or Cancellation Options
Our team of industry professionals has spent over sixteen years building relationships with third-party contacts and companies that may be able to assist with a transfer of your ownership. We will review any available options with you, and if you agree to pursue one, we will submit your file for consideration. Otherwise, we move on to the next step.

Step 4: Professional Timeshare Advocacy Services
Prior to retaining our partner law firm to personally represent you, we use our experience and industry expertise to provide advocacy services to help you create leverage for an exit.

Step 5: Retain Ongoing Legal Representation for You
If necessary, we will retain and pay for an attorney to represent you, at no additional cost. The attorneys at our partner law firm zealously represent consumers who are victims of unfair and one-sided contractual terms and fine print and subjected to various violations of federal and state consumer protection laws by timeshare entities, owners associations and debt collectors. Your attorney will review your timeshare contract and will communicate directly with you to provide knowledgeable and meaningful counsel that you can count on.