Jerry & Connie V

After owning and never using two Las Vegas Timeshares and struggling to make the annual always increasing maintenance fees, we knew we needed to dispose of them. We had high hopes that we could sell them, but after researching inventory for sale soon realized there were hundreds out there for sale with no buyers. People were actually trying to give them away. We looked at several different companies and chose the Newton Group. At first we thought the disposable fee was high but after considering how much we were paying every year in maintenance fees as well as fees to belong to the booking companies, etc, we realized we would recoup our money in less than 4 years. I think initially the Newton Group hoped they could finalize both transfers within a year but both Timeshare parent companies kept dragging their feet in preparing the necessary documents for transfer. The first transfer took about two years and we just completed the second transfer almost four years later. Although at the beginning of each calendar year a new maintenance fee was due on each timeshare, we were never asked to pay additional money. The Newton Group covered all those annual fees. In addition, we were kept informed by our Newton Group Agent who called us every 2-3 months letting us know of their progress. She also kept apologizing that the process was taking so long and assured us they were working diligently trying to complete the transfers. Their diligence has finally paid off and our nightmare experience with Timeshare ownership is over!! We highly recommend the Newton Group!! Oh, and also, we’ve already recouped our initial disposal fee.