Newton Group Transfers – Our 100% Guarantee

At the heart of our promise to our clients is the desire to maintain our core values of integrity, responsibility, and accountability, which are all represented by our 100% guarantee. Newton Group Transfers stands behind our 100% guarantee and promises the following:

  • Absolute 100% guarantee that we will effectively terminate our client’s entire ownership of their timeshare(s) within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Absolute 100% guarantee that all future financial responsibilities for our clients in regards to the timeshare(s) in question will cease.
  • Absolute 100% guarantee that we will be solely responsible for all costs and fees required to achieve the completion of timeshare transfer solution, subject to terms and conditions of the contractual agreement.
  • Absolute 100% guarantee that if it is not feasible to implement a timeshare transfer solution with respect to a client’s timeshare(s), we will fully refund the entire fee, minus maintenance fees, special assessments, and property taxes paid on behalf of the client.