Deposition Disputes Diamond’s Claims Against Newton Group

Testimony of Former Newton Group Client Alleges Diamond Resorts Defrauded Her and That She Exited Her Timeshare Only After Hiring Newton Group and DC Capital Law

PHOENIXOct. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Newton Group has published an article on outlining Diamond Resorts’ alleged false and misleading public relations campaign targeting them, which was revealed in the September 24 legal deposition of Diane Reeve, a former Newton Group client. Deposition evidence disputes Diamond’s allegations touted in a September 15, 2020 press release and filed in a lawsuit against Newton Group and DC Capital Law on behalf of the Reeves claiming Newton Group “deceived [the Reeves] into purchasing illusory timeshare exit services”.

Reeve testified she received the services provided by Newton Group and DC Capital Law—and that she benefited from those services. This latest lawsuit by Diamond Resorts will trigger a vigorous defense; whereby Newton Group will seek significant monetary sanctions against Diamond Resorts for its alleged frivolous and abusive conduct.

The Reeves hired Newton Group—a leading timeshare exit company—who went to work on behalf of the retired couple. As part of their services, Newton Group retained the Reeves individual legal representation at DC Capital Law to ensure their rights would be protected throughout the exit process.

“We are confident in our services and our track record proves we’ve successfully helped thousands of timeshare owners safely and legally end their ownership. Facts speak for themselves—our efforts led to the Reeves exiting their timeshare contracts,” said Gordon Newton, President of Newton Group and a non-attorney co-founding partner in DC Capital Law. “We are happy to see truth prevail.”

Newton Group continues to make headway in federal court against Diamond’s allegations, including those of false advertising. On July 31, 2020 the court denied Diamond’s motion for summary judgment by stating that Diamond Resorts failed to meet its burden of proving a Newton Group advertisement to be false.

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